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Strengthening Health Information Systems in Ethiopia: A Journey of Innovation and Collaboration

“What makes this initiative unique is not just its achievements, but also the methods of its interventions,” said a participant from Hawassa University during the closeout event for the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF)-funded Capacity Building and Mentorship Program (CBMP) on March 28. This sentiment, echoed through the audience, encapsulated the efforts of the Ethiopia Data Use Partnership (DUP)—a JSI-led project supporting the implementation of the country’s Information Revolution (IR) agenda…

DUP 2.0: Advancing Ethiopia’s Digital Health and Quality Data Use

Creating integrated digital health care systems that lead to better health outcomes is complicated. Technology is one piece of the puzzle, along with making quality data accessible to health workers, administrators, and policy makers at all levels of the health system.

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